The Julienne Vegetable Shredder

 Julienne cut is amongst the hottest in culinary arts and is also used for various dishes including salads and garnishing. Potato sticks, carrots and cucumber stripes are all products of julienne cuts. Fortunately they are the hardest cut to attain because they require someone to produce perfect sizes which can be quite involving. Should you be preparing dinner for many, it really is practically time-wasting to attempt achieving perfect julienne using conventional peelers or knives. Therefore, some people usually opt for other cuts or avoid veggies that need julienne cuts. The julienne shredder is however effective in producing equal sizes of nicely sliced juliennes.

Using julienne shredder

Shredding vegetables is always very tricky and needs optimum precaution to avoid bruising your personal fingers or hands. The julienne shredder like this one allows someone to effortlessly produce fine thin slices of julienne cuts. This allows perfect garnishing because the pieces are of equal thickness and same shapes. This shredder is made with precision sharpness to guarantee the vegetable is shredded while using least effort possible. 

It is very important take into account the following by using a julienne shredder

• Retain the shredder firmly for the chopping board the location where the shredded pieces will accumulate. Make use of your supporting hand to support the shredder
• Glide the vegetable inside shredder rotating it slightly in one direction to cut back the time and effort used
• Take away the shredded vegetable to supply space for more shredding.

The blades have become sharp which explains why maximum precaution needs to be taken. Avoid inserting your hand within the shredder leave small vegetable pieces for other uses since forcing them in to the shredder may lead to accidental bruising. The julienne shredder can be used for lengthy vegetables for example cucumber and carrots. It can also be utilized to slice oval shaped potatoes. There are 2 forms of shredders one requires external shredding whilst the other is used by slowly inserting the vegetable in to the shredding chamber.

Great things about julienne shredder

The key considerations when shredding any vegetable are safety and the opportunity to make the desired cut. The julienne shredder is made with extremely sharp strong blades that enable effortless shredding. The design is extremely ergonomic and allows someone to hold it firmly without difficulty. Its is made of roughly designed to aid gripping, although you can also shred without needing to hold it down. The strong stainless steel ensures the blades usually do not bend or plunge into the shreds. When used properly, this shredder lasts at optimum sharpness. The slices are produced in spiral or straight options as desired that you can use to combine into different garnishing patterns. The shredder can be rust resistant and contains a handle for quick storage.


Shredding is just one of those procedures that bring about kitchen injuries and everybody is often bruised while using equipment. This is mostly because conventional shredders are supposed to work external to and holding them is extremely difficult. The julienne shredder is however quite simple to manage and allows swift slicing. When utilizing this equipment, you should makes it clean to avoid contamination and poisoning. This ought to be the identical case for the vegetables.